AluNORDIC® panel is the most innovative, super durable, and environmentally friendly product to provide superb color fastness and corrosion resistance despite severe environmental conditions.

Product Features

  • Environmentally friendly product (Chromate-free)

  • Good heat resistance & reflectance

  • Superb color fastness and corrosion resistance

  • Long-term durability.


Technical Specifications

AluNORDIC® consists of 5 main layers:

  • Top coat: Super Polyester Paint 20 Microns which provides an anti-dust and special reflective functionalities – NORDICClean, also maintains the color appearance and a barrier film to enhance long-term durability.

  • Primer coat: 5-micron Epoxy corrosion inhibitive primer coating to prevent undercutting of paint and enhance corrosion resistance.

  • Chemical treated layer: to provide good adhesion and enhance corrosion resistance.

  • Zinc-Alum (Zinc-Aluminum) steel substrate: Zinc-Aluminum coated layer 150gr/m² (that consists of 55% Al-Zn 43.4% – Si 1.6%) which is chromate-free and strongly corrosion resistant despite severe environmental conditions.

  • Base metal: JIS G3322 CGLC440, or equivalent.

Superior backside coating of 12 microns.

Specialty of Zinc & Al-Zn

The Zinc has a self physical property called Cathodic reaction. Whenever any cut happens in the material the adjacent side of the zinc reacts with the external environment (air, rainwater) that forms the ZnO₂ layer on the cut edges to protect the base steel against oxidation (self-healing property).


The Aluminum has good barrier protection while the Zinc has good self-healing property. Therefore, the combination of these materials, which is Zinc-Aluminum coated layer 150gr/m², provides optimum corrosion resistance for sheeting panels.

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