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A clear span is an open area without usual structural supports that allows the users to stack items in a variety of configurations without any obstacles. The clearer a span is, the spacious it will be.

Product Features

  • Provide the most spacious area

  • Maximum practical width up to 180m (NORDIC Steel’s Clear Span)

  • The best choice for logistics and storage buildings, aircraft hangars, auditoriums, and recreation facilities

  • Durable and robust structure.

The structural supports of the building are located in the walls and maybe larger than usual to accommodate the strain of the roof. The network of trusses and supports in the roof is carefully assembled to distribute weight evenly to the walls without sagging in the middle. Lightweight building materials are chosen because of their strength and durability.
Clearance is especially important in facilities where large items are stored. An inadequate space makes it harder to store supplies or to use vehicles such as forklifts and delivery trucks. It is also difficult to stack cartons and other containers if the span is not sufficient.

Most common frames for constructions which space must be optimized:

– Industrial plants, warehouses

– Auditoriums

– Aircraft hangars

– Recreational facilities.

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