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LokSeam®, which achieved FM Approved certificate, is a standing seam panel float on a system of sliding clips that prevent damage from thermal expansion and contraction. Its standing seam design also eliminates 80% of the through fasteners found in normal systems to achieve greater weather resistance. LokSeam® panels have a width coverage of 470mm with 66mm high ribs including the seam. The minimum roof slope of the LokSeam® roof panels is 3%.

Product Features

  • Full single piece roof length up to 120m without end-lap joints.

  • Resistance to strong wind up to 300km/hr

  • Heat expansion does not transfer to purlin: Extra safety factor

  • No air leak or water leak to save energy and operating costs.


Basic use

LokSeam® is used for a roof covering system for new or retrofit construction.



LokSeam® panels are joined at the side-lap with an interlocking 25mm-high seam standing above the major rib. Panel side-laps are seamed by a special seaming machine. All panels are seamed together, creating 360-degree double lock seams that have machine-applied butyl sealant to ensure the weather-tight and leak-proof joints.

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