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Nordıc hyprıd

NordicHybrid® is one of the standard frames for Pre-engineered Buildings that is developed by Nordic Steel Buildings. The rafters of NordicHybrid® are a truss structure from 2 Omegas cold-formed sections (upper and lower) connected with the square tubes hollow sections by bolts.

Product Features

  • Save the rafter weight up to 20%

  • Faster fabrication process

  • Provide elegant available space for fire, air, water…. piping system

  • Super durable for long-lasting use

  • Convenient delivery to the job site.

All purlins, girts, flange bracings, X-bracings… are the same as other NORDIC structures.

Advantages of NordicHybrid® frame:

  • Save the rafter weight up to 20%.

  • Save the fabrication time when using the galvanized cold-formed materials without welding or painting.


Columns are built-up sections which are optimum for factories that have the overhead cranes. NordicHybrid® can be applied to standard framing systems (clear span, single slope, multi-span, multi-gable, roof system).

Truss structure rafters (open-web design) provide elegant available space for fire, air, water…. piping system.

  • Truss structure rafters are also good for roof systems.

  • Truss structure rafters from galvanized materials are very durable for long-lasting use that can reduce maintenance costs for the investors.

  • NordicHybrid® is easier and more space-saving to be delivered to the job sites with the containers or trucks.

  • NordicHybrid® is more friendly to the environment by optimizing the use of materials.

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