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Pre-engineered buildings Nordic use predetermined inventory of raw materials that meet a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements. This flexibility allows NORDIC Steel to fulfill almost building configurations, custom designs, and applications.


Product Features

  • Optimum cost

  • Premium products

  • Speedy and efficient process

  • Functional versatility & architectural flexibility

  • Low maintenance and operating cost.

A pre-engineered building is a system utilizing three distinct product categories:
– Built-up “I” to shape primary structural framing members (columns and rafters)
– Cold-formed “Z” and “C” to shape secondary structural members (roof purlins, wall girts, and eave struts)
– Roll-formed sheeting profiles (roof and wall cladding).

Optional structural sub-systems and accessories are widely incorporated into pre-engineered buildings to ensure functionality as well as aesthetics:

– Functional sub-systems include mezzanine floors (including joists and decking), crane runway beams (to support crane systems), roof platforms, catwalks, etc.


– Aesthetic features and accessories include fascias, parapets, canopies, roof extensions, flashing and trims, eave gutter, downspout, galvanized bracing cables, ridge ventilation, etc.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are recently becoming popular since they perform better than conventional buildings in terms of cost-saving benefits and constructing speed.

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Production Halls
Nordic Steel uses American-standard high tensile strength steel and modern software (SAP, Tekla) to optimize the design and provide the strongest production halls
Logistics Buildings
The rigid frames with clear span of Nordic Steel provide large and obstacle-free working space for logistic buildings. We also handle super wide canopies (of up to 24 metres) to prevent products from rainwater or sunlight
Commercial Buildings
Nordic Steel constructs remarkable commercial buildings such as shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels,... where complex pre-engineered steel structures and concrete parts live in harmony
Farm Buildings
Animal sheds or fertilizer plants require superb anti-corrosion building components. Silver180 of Nordic Steel is the best choice to offer long-life pre-engineered buildings.
Office Buildings
Pre-engineered steel structures for these buildings help to optimize space with column spacing of up to 10m, shorten construction time, and streamline labor while providing aesthetics, safety, and systainability.
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