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A crane system greatly improves the material handling productivity within a building, promotes safety, and allows more efficient utilization of space by reducing or eliminating traffic due to forklifts and side loaders.

Product Features

  • Improve the material handling productivity in industrial buildings

  • Ensure safety and optimize space

  • Flexible crane beam structures for different crane systems.

Adding a crane system to a finished pre-engineered steel building, that has not been initially designed to support it, is both cumbersome and uneconomical. For this reason, the planners must consider not only the initial use of the building but also its potential usage throughout the lifetime of the building.

The costs involved in adding a crane system to a pre-engineered steel building consist of:

  1. Strengthening the building’s main frames to support the crane loads.

  2. Supplying the crane brackets and crane runway beams that support the crane system.

  3. Supplying and installing crane rails.

  4. Supplying, installing, and commissioning the crane system..

NORDIC Steel’s supply is normally limited to items 1 and 2. Supply, installation, and commissioning of the crane system and crane rails are handled by specialist “crane system” companies.


The most common types of crane systems in pre-engineered steel buildings are:

  • Top running cranes

  • Under-hung cranes

  • Monorail cranes

  • JIB cranes

  • Gantry cranes

  • Semi-gantry cranes.

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