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GalvaNORDIC™ is the 275gr / m2 hot-dipped zinc-coated high tensile steel with Zero Spangle. GalvaNORDIC™ is the material to produce purlins and girts Z & C of NORDIC Steel. One of the outstanding specifications of GalvaNORDIC™ is Zero Spangle for the highest quality.

Product Features

  • High durability and corrosion resistance

  • Zero Spangle for the highest quality and consistent surface

  • Lead-free material for environmental friendliness and human health

  • Eye-catching shiny gloss metallic appearance.


Spangle size can be affected not only by the zinc chemistry and cooling rate but also by other factors such as the smoothness of the substrate. Consistently controlling spangle formation to a specified size, and then to verify the compliance, is an extremely difficult task. It is defined in ASTM A653/A653M about the specifications for Zinc-coated (Galvanized) steel sheet as followings:

– Regular spangle: Zinc-coated steel sheet with a visible multifaced zinc crystal structure. The cooling rate is uncontrolled that results in a variety of grain sizes.

– Minimized spangle: Zinc-coated steel sheet in which the grain pattern is visible to the unaided eye, and is typically smaller and less distinct than the regular spangle. The zinc crystal growth is arrested by special production techniques or inhibited by a combination of coating bath chemistry plus cooling.

– Zero spangle: Zinc-coated steel sheet with a uniform finish in which the surface irregularities created by spangle formation are not visible to the naked eyes. The finish is produced by a combination of coating bath chemistry, or cooling, or both.


To ensure the best quality, NORDIC Steel only uses the Zero-Spangle GalvaNORDIC™ for purlins and girts, complying with the ASTM standards. Besides, GalvaNORDIC™ is a friendly material to the environment and human health because it is lead-free. This material also has a shiny metallic appearance and consistent surface for a better aesthetic.

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