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A proper roof drainage system is essential for prolonging the life of pre-engineered buildings. It must be adequately designed to prevent water overflow over the sides of the buildings.

Product Features

  • Prolong lifespan of pre-engineered steel buildings

  • Prevent rainwater overflow

  • Create a distinctive appearance along the building’s eaves.

A gutter is a cold-formed “channel-shaped” member designed to carry water from the roof of the building to the downspouts. There are two types of gutters: eave gutters and valley gutters. Valley gutters are normally located between two adjacent buildings or gables, having equal or unequal eave heights.
A downspout is a hollow cold-formed section that is used to carry the water from the roof gutter to the ground or to a storm drainage system. Downspouts have fluted sides that add stiffness to their shapes.
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