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Hyper180® is very special with its AZ180 coating and PVDF paint. AZ180 coating is the Best Coating Protection for severe corrosion (salt, alkaline, fertilizer, chemical, etc.) while PVDF paint has extremely good gloss and color retention.

Product Features

  • Excellent corrosion resistance

  • Superb gloss and color retention

  • Durable despite severe environmental conditions.


Hyper180® has 5 main layers:

– Top coat: 20-micron PVDF coating which provides a color pleasing appearance and a barrier film to enhance long-term durability. Extremely good gloss and color retention for up to 30 years. This coating can withstand extended exterior exposure to water, humidity, temperature, ultraviolet rays, oxygen, and atmospheric pollutants.

– Primer coat: 5-micron Epoxy corrosion inhibitive primer coating to prevent undercutting of paint and enhance corrosion resistance.

– Chemical treated layer: to provide good adhesion and enhance corrosion resistance.

– Zinc-Aluminum coated layer 180gr/m2 (both sides) which has excellent corrosion resistance to severe environmental conditions.

– Base metal.


Hyper180® is suitable for those buildings that “no color change” is required such as airports, shopping centers, office buildings, etc.

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