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NORDICDek®, developed by NORDIC Steel, is a cold-formed corrugated steel profile supported by steel joints or beams. NORDICDek® is available only as 1.0mm-thick unpainted galvanized coated panels complying with the ASTM A653 SS Grade 550 & Z180 coating standards.

Product Features

  • 2 variables of mezzanine steel profiles: NordicDek® 55 & NordicDek® 76

  • Available in 1mm-thick unpainted galvanized panels complying with the ASTM standards

  • Create a strong composite structure with concrete and metal reinforcement for mezzanine floors of pre-engineered buildings

  • Optimize materials to save costs.

There are 2 variables of NORDICDek®: NORDICDek® 55 which has 55mm-high ribs and NORDICDek® 76 which has ribs of 76mm-high. NORDICDek® 76 helps to optimize the material use since it can cover a wider span than the NORDICDek® 55.

Product Description

Being used in a composite structure, NORDICDek® performs as positive reinforcement and permanent form support, providing savings in concrete and reinforcement steel.

Basic Use

NORDICDek® is the steel decking profile that supports the wet concrete for faster and easier construction.



Install the NORDICDek® panels straightly and fix screws to mezzanine beams.

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