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NORDICLeed™ is needed to reflect the solar heat on the roof and lower the surface temperature by absorbing less heat from the sun. NORDICLeed™ panel (White Cream Color) results in reduced heat retention after a long hot day that helps to achieve cooler roof surface temperatures

Product Features

  • The best material of NORDIC Steel for solar reflectance

  • High SRI value to meet LEED’s standards for Green Buildings

  • Enhance the insulation performance in the building

  • Reduce roof temperature up to 5°C.

Increased global warming and the government’s focus on climate change have directed to the need for greater thermal solutions, especially in tropical countries. That’s why NORDICLeed™ is the optimum material at NORDIC Steel for solar reflectance. It increases the insulation performance of the panels and helps prevent the building from heat expansion.

Green building rating systems, such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), require materials with high SRI values. NORDICLeed™ offers higher SRI values thus complying with the international green building requirements.

Low energy consumption

NORDICLeed™ solar reflectance technology acts as added insulation in hot weather. NORDICLeed™ reduces peak roof temperature by up to 5°C for White Cream color.


In moderate to hot climates, compared to the roofing material of similar color with lower solar reflectance, NORDICLeed™ can reduce annual cooling energy consumption to save operations costs and become friendlier to the environment.

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