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NORDICLiner™ is the best profile for interior walls and roofs in pre-engineered buildings. Each panel is 1000mm wide and is screwed to the frame. Full-height NORDICLiner™ panels run from the floor to the roof and attach to the eave purlins and rake rafters.

Product Features

  • Optimum material for interior wall and roof sheeting

  • A light material that needs no extra support on the roof structure

  • Enhance the interior beauty of pre-engineered buildings

  • Increase the lifespan of insulation materials.


Product Description

NORDICLiner™ helps enhance the aesthetic of a building to give it a great finish. It can also contribute to insulation performance. Unreinforced insulation materials can be quickly damaged after a time of use due to external impacts such as weather conditions, temperature, or sharp objects. Therefore, NORDICLiner™ performs as a reinforcement for the insulation parts to increase their lifespan.

Besides, NORDICLiner™ is a light material that another support structure of roof truss is not necessary.

Basic Use

NORDICLiner™ is used both for interior roof and wall sheeting. NORDICLiner™ can be used for all kinds of pre-engineered buildings, especially for office buildings, storage, etc.


Install the NORDICLiner™ panels straightly for the best water tightness without causing waves or distortions.

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