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Pre-engineered buildings Nordic use predetermined inventory of raw materials that meet a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements. This flexibility allows NORDIC Steel to fulfill almost building configurations, custom designs, and applications.


Product Features

  • Optimum cost

  • Premium products

  • Speedy and efficient process

  • Functional versatility & architectural flexibility

  • Low maintenance and operating cost.

A pre-engineered building is a system utilizing three distinct product categories:
– Built-up “I” to shape primary structural framing members (columns and rafters)
– Cold-formed “Z” and “C” to shape secondary structural members (roof purlins, wall girts, and eave struts)
– Roll-formed sheeting profiles (roof and wall cladding).

Optional structural sub-systems and accessories are widely incorporated into pre-engineered buildings to ensure functionality as well as aesthetics:

– Functional sub-systems include mezzanine floors (including joists and decking), crane runway beams (to support crane systems), roof platforms, catwalks, etc.


– Aesthetic features and accessories include fascias, parapets, canopies, roof extensions, flashing and trims, eave gutter, downspout, galvanized bracing cables, ridge ventilation, etc.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are recently becoming popular since they perform better than conventional buildings in terms of cost-saving benefits and constructing speed.

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