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sıngle slope

Single Slope (SS) building is a building with the sloping roof in one plane. The slope is from one wall to the opposite wall.

Product Features

  • Economical solution for spans less than 12 meters wide

  • Save costs by reducing drainage system, ridge details and back wall decoration

  • Special appearance with sloping roof in one plane.


Single Slope buildings are economical for spans that are less than 12 meters wide. The most common conditions for using Single Slope buildings are:

  • Whenever rainwater drainage is required to be along one sidewall of the building only.

  • When a new Single Slope building is added directly adjacent to an existing building and the designer is required to avoid:

√     The creation of a valley condition along with the connection of both buildings that will result in an expensive water drainage system.

√     The imposition of additional loads on the columns of the existing building.

√     The imposition of additional loads on the foundations of the existing building.

For buildings with spans wider than 12 meters, it is common to specify a gable roof for budget optimization as well as aesthetic considerations.
Single Slope buildings may be either Clear Spans or Multi-Spans.
Single Slope building designs are used for a multitude of building types, from shopping centers to offices, storage facilities, shipyard,…

In addition to cost saving, some customers prefer single slope steel frame buildings because of their lower stance. The back parts of some single-sloped buildings do not require custom colored panels. This provides an excellent opportunity to use standardized materials that will keep your buildings structurally sound without additional costs.

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